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The company Esta Solingen as a manufacturer of skin and nail nippers was founded in 1951. In 1981, then started with the distribution of articles for podiatry, podiatrist for and Estheticians / inside, this has been further expanded and now includes more than 500 articles. The company philosophy is built upon to constantly improve the quality of products and to give to those skilled in a first-class tools in hand. The production takes place in Solingen after a long tradition in craftsmanship. Esta Solingen attaches great importance to incorporate the experiences of different users and technical schools in the improvement of the products. Of course, only certified and standardized stainless steels are used. The fabricated therefrom pliers and tools meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Directives, and are approved as medical devices with the CE mark. Esta products mean: safety, long life, perfect functionality. On careful advice and fast delivery as well as reliable grinding and repair service Particular attention is paid at Esta.

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