The ideal of beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows....

Refecto Cil

The ideal of beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows. Yes you know it, they always have to be long, dark and as close as possible - this is how your customers want their lashes. Not only are people different, but also their eyelashes. Thus, varying the number of lashes at the upper eyelid between 150 and 250, between 50 and 100 at the lower eyelid. The length of the lashes also varies significantly - on the upper lash line the lashes have a length of 8 to 12 mm and the eyelid lower margin 6-8 mm. These Finally, the color is not always the same. Of bright blond over shimmering reds to deep black v ieles possible. By dyeing the eyelashes you help your client to get the ideal of beauty beschrie¬benen much closer. For colored eyelashes appear visually much longer and bulkier. The staining highlights the full length of the ausgeblichenenSpitzen by sun and water, emphasizes bright lashes and lengthens short. Moreover, they are dull hair new shine and already grizzled new color eyelashes freshness. The eyebrows are intended to emphasize the face or for compensation sorgen.Mit the right coloring to achieve both quite easily. Bright eyebrows are accentuated by a dark color, dark eyebrows are lightened and can be matched in brightness and color to any head hair color. To see your customers perfectly happy, we have created the brand RefectoCil®aus the range of eyelash and eyebrow dyeing professional products for you on the following pages.

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