Eyelash extensions (or eyelash extensions) is...


Eyelash extensions (or eyelash extensions) is the trend, with the trick not only the stars to put their eyes in the limelight. Long, dense and perfectly curled eyelashes in the morning after getting up and without mascara that sounds good. As the eyelashes extension works are taught in beauty schools in different courses. We recommend you contact like Europe! Batting for batting is attached to natural lashes with a (skin-friendly) special glue an artificial eyelash. The eyelashes are black and very elastic. You can choose in our shop between different lengths, thicknesses and deflections. Eyelash extensions - as long as it holds An eyelash extensions keeps our Neicha adhesives between 2-6 weeks. Whichever special glue is used. We recommend your customers allow to carry out a regular refill. Eyelash extensions - which you must note Swimming, sauna, sports - no problem. Only in the first 48 hours after the eyelash extensions eyelash extensions do not come into contact with water. Also creams & Co. are taboo at this time, because the adhesive is fully cured after two days. In order for the XXL lashes hold as long as possible, your customers should use fat and oil-free cosmetics and not strong around rubbing the eyes and eyelashes. If you want to use in spite of XXL Lashes Masacara your best to use these oil-free mascara http://www.zoga-beauty.com/Glamorous-Mascara-8-ML-speziell-fuer-Neicha-Eyelashes-entwickelt. Caution: waterproof mascara can solve the eyelash glue.

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