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Kiara Sky
You will love it! This new patented & Soak Off Gel System of Kiara Sky has exactly the what you're looking for a long time!
Your benefits:
You will receive a vinyl nail polish in the same color to free
3 weeks shelf life
High Gloss Shine
Intense shades of color
Good consistency
Building exceptionally engineered brush
Yes, you read that right! You get a vinyl nail polishes in the same colors for Soak Off Gel for free. Each bottle contains 15ml each. The vinyl enamels from Kiara Sky dry in seconds and last up to 7 days, or even longer! This gel / nail polish system is suitable for manicure, for natural & artificial nails, Pedicure and, of course, deliver a truly Nail Design. In the LED lamp, the material dries within just 30 seconds and in the UV lamp in 2 minutes.
Quick Remove - distance in only 5-8 minutes! Quick & easy! The natural nail is not damaged! Available are 101 trendy, classic, neon, pastel, french & rose tones! Ascending trend! We have only positive things about this new system! The quality is great! Our customers are thrilled, that's reason enough for us Kiara Sky take the online shop! Try it out yourself!

LED and UV light compatible
Size: 15 ml
Made in the USA

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