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notice Trendy Gold Tattoos particularly Golden fake tattoos offer a temporary alternative to real tattoos. It does not have to decide for eternity for a motive to be. They offer a very stylish way of body decoration and are an eye-catcher at any event. Gold Tattoos offer a remarkable accessory to other fashion jewelry such as garlands, bracelets or hair bands. Also, the application and removal of temporary tattoos is easy. After the skin has been cleaned of oil-containing products, the subject is placed on the desired location and moisturizes for 30 Sekundenmit a rag. After carefully removing the paper, the tattoo must dry it then just a few minutes. The results last from three days to one week. Even showers or seawater makes the fake tattoos mind because they are waterproof. However, should not you want to wait until they fade on its own, the Flash Tattoss may be removed at any time with a mild alcoholic cleaning or baby oil. Fake Tattoos offer a variety of designs such noble pattern or ornaments In Yoga beauty you can find a variety of designs that can be applied to decorate any body, or even instead of jewelery. No matter what part of the body you want to decorate with the temporary tattoos, creativity knows no bounds. Especially to bear the gold and silver flash tattoos come way on tanned skin. Whether at the beach, at the pool, at a festival or at a party, they are everywhere an eye-catcher and a must for any holiday.
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