Brazilian Waxing & Sugaring

Some find it Ingeniously simple. Most of them are ES SIMPLY BRILLIANT! At Brazilian waxing the hair is removed in the genital area, including root. The method is so called because in the nineties, the bikinis in Copacabana increasingly scarce and as a result the demand for Depilage grew. Today the deforestation below the belt seems more popular than ever. Hollywood star Eva Longoria ("Desperate Housewives") boasts public with a better sex life; Studios that offer exclusively Waxing, shooting out of the ground. With Leydi WAXING a piece of Brazilian Physical Education moves into Europe. What has long been as normal as going to the hairdresser in Rio, namely the regular removal unloved body hair with warm wax (Depilaçao), Europe is now also easily and quickly possible. Try our Waxing and sugaring products right now - you will love it !!!

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